The FISTER help phlebotomist, medical technologist, blood donor personnel, and hospital & home care nurses with daily routines of venipuncture, blood collections or I.V. starts.

Grasping the FISTER tightly, allows the veins to become prominent, making the venipuncture easier. The FISTER prevents fingernail marks on the patient’s hand from the tightly clenched fist.


Available In Size

  • Set two each per set, 1.5 inch in diameter (product number F100)


“I get my blood drawn every week. This helps me
relax and makes me feel more comfortable.”

Susan Salida, CA

“This is great! I used to dig my fingernails into my
hand, but not anymore.”

Mary Stockton, CA

Medical personnel love it!

“I’m using them all the time. It’s perfect. They are just what I needed. I really like them.”

Laurie, Medical Insurance Examinier

“We use them in our four drawing stations. Our phlebotomists love them and our patients appreciate the comfort.”

Stephanie, Assistant Laboratory Manager

Available For Downloads