Premium Blood Lancets

Experience the best in blood lancets from AmbiLabProducts, a global leader in the design and manufacture of medical device products focused on reducing pain. EZ-LetsTM are precision engineered for the finest in needle edges, reducing discomfort and encouraging the healing process. EZ-LetsTM fit most re-usable finger lancing devices, and are available in four sizes: 21 gauge, 26 gauge, 28 gauge and 30 gauge. Rely on AmbiLabProducts to deliver the highest quality blood lancets for capillary sampling requirements!
EZ-Lets Premium Blood Lancets

Key Features/Benefits:

Made in the USA

Safety and Comfort

  • Sterile blood lancets
  • Single use to eliminate cross-contamination
  • Twist cap to expose needle
  • Highest quality for maximum comfort and least amount of cell damage
  • Ultimate ease of use – insert in device and remove cap
  • Cap may be used to receive used needle, to avoid blood contamination


  • Finely-ground needle edges for cleaner lance
  • Fine points for least amount of capillary damage
  • Consistent quality

Healthcare Common Procedure Code for insurance reimbursement: HCPC #A4259

Available in Four Versions (Specifications are subject to change)


30 Gauge

Needle Size: 30 gauge point
Available Product Configurations:
PN/REF:ETP100 – Contents: 100 units
PN/REF:ETP200 – Contents: 200 units

28 Gauge

Needle Size: 28 gauge point Available Product Configurations:
PN/REF:ETU100 – Contents: 100 units
PN/REF:ETU200 – Contents: 200 units

26 Gauge

Needle Size: 26 gauge point Available Product Configurations:
PN/REF:ETY100 – Contents: 100 units
PN/REF:ETY200 – Contents: 200 units

21 Gauge

Needle Size: 21 gauge point Available Product Configurations:
PN/REF:ELO100 – Contents: 100 units
PN/REF:ELO200 – Contents: 200 units

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